What time can I arrive?

For our typical 8pm headliner shows door times are as follows:

Venue opens at 5:30pm for cocktails and dinner in our front room**

Theater doors open at 6pm, dinner service begins for all table and countertop seating

Opening artist begins at 7pm

Headliner begins at 8pm

If a ticket is purchased for a table seat (including counter tops), each seat must purchase a minimum $15 of food. If the $15 minimum food purchase is not met, the remaining balance may be charged to the customer.

**If you have a general admission ticket and make a reservation for dinner in our front room at least one day before the event, we will allow you to reserve your seat on the day of show when the theater doors open. Dinner service is available in our front room beginning at 5:30pm by reservation. Regular dinner service for sections table seating ticket holders begins in the theater at 6pm.