The Southwest Florida Events Center has embarked on an innovative new project

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Off site full catering services

This new project will enhance the dining experiences of our guests and of patrons around the world. The Center is a prestigious location where all kinds of events take place. From weddings, to corporate events, to private parties, the SWFL is the place for fine dining and excellent service. At the Center we offer expert catering managers to help you as you plan your individual events. Our master chef cooks for the three in-house restaurants, as well as head our team of experienced and well-trained chefs.

The test kitchen will expand our existing venue, and add an unmatched quality to the food that we serve. The Southwest Florida Event Center has teamed up with some of the most prestigious local culinary organizations to further enhance your dining experience. Keiser University and the Lee and Collier chapters of the American Culinary Federation are working with the Center to teach our chefs, and chefs from around the world, the ultimate cooking techniques, technologies, catering services, and more.

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When you dine with us, you can be sure that you’re about to embark on a pleasing tour of taste and quality.

The Center is also working with nationally recognized companies in the hospitality industry. We have partnered many companies to ensure that the service, not just the food, is top-notch. In the state-of-the-art kitchen, we also test the best new equipment and products before they debut on the market. Our kitchen is responsible for the exquisite meals that you will receive when you dine-in with us, or use our expert catering services. An expert catering manager will help you coordinate all of the details of your event that concern food and beverages to ensure that you and your guests enjoy an excellent culinary experience.

When you dine with us, you can be sure that you’re about to embark on a pleasing tour of taste and quality. We offer a large variety of delicious foods and beverages for our guests to enjoy. Our five star meals range from charming appetizers and hors d’oeuvres to sprawling buffets, delightful desserts, refreshing drinks, and superior entrees. Our cuisine will be delicious from beginning to end.

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We also specialize in building brand awareness

For Our team of world-class chefs as well as the equipment that we deem superiour we create brand loyalty. All kinds of technologies and cooking equipment are featured in our test kitchen in order to raise the standard of not only our dining experience, but the experiences of other restaurants all over. For further learning, the test kitchen has filmed cooking demonstrations for reference and universal use. We are serious about our mission to create impeccable meals and services.

The Center is a sprawling 27000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space. In addition to our new kitchen and three on-site restaurants, we also offer a café, an open-air lounge space, a broadcasting center, and multiple event spaces, the largest of which is our impressive 650 seat theater. We also offer great rates for booking and rentals for your private party, wedding, corporate events, and much more.